Charged Removable Pearl Huggie Hoop

$15.53 $77.65

We love a dual-purpose product, which is one of the reasons we’re obsessed with Charged. The brand’s gorgeous jewelry features crystals meant to be “charged” by your desired intentions so that each piece not only looks great but makes you feel good, too. 

These delicate huggie earrings feature pearls, which the brand says represent wisdom, integrity, and feminine energy. The gems are removable, too, which means you’re essentially getting two pairs of earrings for the price of one; simply remove the pearls when you’re in the mood for more of a classic hoop, and replace them when you want to be fully charged. 

We wanted to include these earrings in your box, not only because they’re cute but because we feel oh-so-aligned with their maker. Charged is on a mission to engender wellness and healing by encouraging the practice of self-care, which is an endeavor we can definitely get behind. Their pieces are designed to help you tune into your needs to achieve better balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and who among us, in this crazy world, could use a little more equilibrium? Charged is partnered with Shop for Good, so you can easily give the gift of well-being to others as you give it to yourself.

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