ellen Shop Mall Commercial

All-New ellen Shop Commercial

Their local mall commercial went viral, and Ellen thought it was so good, she brought them all to the Ellen Shop to make one for her!

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That was really good for no rehearing just random people singing alone and put to a song that sounds good ❤️

Bonnie Teer 20 novembre 2019

Thanks Ellen you good your product good

Bablu qureshi 03 septembre 2019
Ellen madam very very nice your shop and your program show i loved every thing good i watching your program other program i don’t like watch you know you program fun romans every times i’m watching new and old program
dinesh kumar rai 11 juillet 2019

Hi Ellen, I was recently in Walmart and thought I would purchase one of your shirts. I was extremely disappointed to find out you don’t carry plus sized items. I picked up a 2x and there was no way that it was fit. I really think you should consider making true to size plus size. Thanks, Margie

Margie Francis 29 avril 2019

Hi Ellen..
This is Annie a bichon frise.
I have a sister …her name is Gigi aka. The G.
We watch your show every day to see if you have any dogs that we can bark at.
Sometimes you have weird people on that look like dogs that we bark at but mostly we fall asleep at them. ..
We love you Ellen…bow wooooow
Annie &
The G we are both bichon’s

Annie d'Bichon and her sista The G 30 novembre 2018

I placed an order from your website but never received the items. I have paid receipt. When I sign in it says status unfulfilled. How can I get these items? My granddaughter really wants them for Christmas.

Ginger Baker 30 novembre 2018

Ive been having a rough yr and watching you on tv and now your blog’s ive been smiling and laughing for that short time each day god your an amazon person sure you hear that every min.just no you make millions happy and willing to continue there dreams with your help..keep making dreams happen Happy Holidays to you and Porscha i know i messed up on the spelling of her name ( sorry) Blessed Be

Jessica Sobolewski 14 novembre 2018

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