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I love watching your show everyday! You start off making me laugh and feel good! Then by the end of the show I’m always in tears from the wonderful things you do for so many people! Thank you so much for being you! Your a beautiful soul. Keep doing what you do Ellen. You make the world a better place Toto live in even if it’s only for an hour! It’s an hour of love and laughter we all need right now! Thank you so much! Jolene

Jolene Washburn 04 novembre 2020

Hello my name is Nanette Boone Let me just start by saying Ellen I love you and I appreciate all that you do my family (Brother-in-law and niece ) Him and my sister have been separated since she was born His appliance work truck had got stolen and vandalized & thay got evicted due to his stocker my truck finally broke down I have no transportation since the lockdown of CV 19 thay have been staying with me in my small one bedroom apartment at 1018w 83st #107 L.A .ca 90044 Senior building he’s 65 yrs old been on my couch and she A dependent mentally challenged 32yrs old has been on the blowup mattress which has a small leak in the bedroom with me I’m a 55yrs old widow my husband of 21 years and father was murdered In a road rage car accident in October 2015 there two bedroom apartment upstairs from me will be ready next month May 15, 2020 they have Nothing. no furniture no dishes no beds , Appliances I’m asking help for them if you could help it would be greatly appreciated
Thanks Concert family member
Nanette Boone

Nanette Boone 28 avril 2020

Ellen you do so much and it appears you love what you do. I’m alot like you and I really could do some good for alot of people. I want to win. Thank you

Kim Roeschen 27 novembre 2018

Just wanted Ellen to know that I believe she makes the world a BETTER place❤️

KATHERINE 07 mars 2018

Looks like Busey is doing a good job of testing your mattresses. I need a couple of full sets myself.

Cindi Green 23 octobre 2017

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