Wall Mountable Spooky Hands Decor

Fulfilled by our friends at Gute Decor

  • This decorative monster hand by GUTE is made of high quality resin and is sure to add an artistic touch to your walls! The extended hand with fingers curled in is sure to spook those visiting your very own house, as they'll see it as a mysterious figure reaching out to grab them. Or, rotate it sideways and have a convenient wall mount for any handheld items!
  • Made of resin, this hand makes a sturdy piece of wall decor! Place it in your room or home office and decorate your space with a tasteful addition to your home! It's great for holding onto your phone, or holding individual pieces of jewelry on each finger! Decorate the hand to have a more personal touch.
  • Measuring in at 9.5" Long x 4" High, it's a decoration that every guest is sure to notice! Featuring precise detail on each finger, this matte resin hand makes a fine decoration for a home Living Room or Office! Dimensions: 9.5" Long, 4" High

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