Meadowscaping Seed Starter Kit

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American Meadows wants to redefine the world’s understanding of a meadow and what it means to meadowscape. Because when we meadowscape, we dig in. Become a force of good, an advocate for pollinators and the environment, and a friend to the community that brings beauty into the lives of everyone who passes by! American Meadows is a purpose-driven, solutions-based brand whose purpose is to do good through gardening. It believes that by transforming the land, we also transform our lives, nurture our own well-being, and cultivate change. 

Meadowscaping Seed Starter Kit includes 5 packets of pure wildflower seeds and a guide to getting started. Your kit contains two exclusive mixes (Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator) along with three single species (Purple Coneflower, Zinnia Elegans, and Autumn Beauty Sunflowers). We hope that cultivating these wildflowers brings you a sense of purpose, connectivity, and joy this Spring!

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