Lavender Essential Oil Rollerball

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When the pace of modern life feels overwhelming, there’s nowhere better to turn than to nature. It’s the ultimate healer, and when calm is called for, nature’s best prescription is lavender. Lavender is known for its soothing benefits; it can alleviate stress and anxiety and help foster a sense of much-needed relaxation. Our Lavender Co’s essential oil roller ball offers the easiest and most convenient way to get your lavender fix on the go! 

We chose Our Lavender Co. as a partner because their products are made from clean, pure ingredients sourced from their fifth-generation family farm. Their story gave us all the feels, too. The company was founded by a mother/daughter duo who discovered the healing powers of lavender when seeking natural ways to remedy postpartum depression and decided they wanted to help others experience the same sense of relief. They subsequently planted lavender all over their farm and began selling high-quality, small-batch products both online and in a storefront on their land. One of the founding duo’s big dreams is to help revitalize their rural community, and Our Lavender Co takes pride in donating time, money, and product to local daycares, schools and women’s shelters. 

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