ANDOULA 1000 ROSES® Soothing Sleeping Mask

$10.62 $27.28

This Soothing Sleeping Mask make beauty sleep a real thing by harnessing the power of—what else?—roses to renew and revitalize your skin while you snooze.

Andalou Naturals is an amazing beauty brand you just have to know about. Their highly effective products are powered almost exclusively by nature’s best ingredients: the brand has been proudly GMO-free since 2011, which means they create quality, efficacious formulas from nutrient rich ingredients, without the use of pesticides and unnecessary harsh chemicals. They care about animals, too; we absolutely love that Andalou never tests its products on animals and has been cruelty-free since day one. 

And they’re as dedicated to uplifting women as they are to giving them a glow. The brand  partners with nonprofit organizations like Vital Voices and SHE-CAN. Together, they’re harnessing the magic of empowerment, education, and equality to drive positive change.

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