ellenshop.com Has Its Own Facebook Page

Great News ! ellenshop.com has its own facebook page. Please visit us at www.facebook.com/TheEllenShop



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YkMUmcyxIHOb November 19, 2019

Why doesn’t anyone answer contact emails? All I’ve received are the auto responses

Lynne November 18, 2019

Please help me get on the twelve days of Christmas

Kathy Slenker November 15, 2019

I live with my girlfriend and her parents. They are retired and work with BACA. Bikers against child abuse. I want to do something nice for them but i cant work. Her mom wants so bad to be on your show so i thought i would surprise her. Please help me get her tickets.

Heather Marie Howard November 12, 2019
You r changed from humble to … Having trouble with your attitude
Lynda Kay May 03, 2019

R u also running a prize contest on Facebook cause if not I just got scam when u get this please let me know. Or u can go under wildhorse85 @ live.com please if u get this

Sandra saunders April 05, 2019

Register movei download ellan degrees movei

Firoz Khan March 18, 2019

Register movei download ellan degrees movei nice

Firoz Khan March 18, 2019

Register movei download ellan degrees movei nice

Firoz Khan March 18, 2019

Hey Ellen I just love your clothing in your shop. I have one problem you only do sizes up to 2×. Any chance to get 4×. Love you…love your show…..thank you for all that you do for people and pets.

jacki stahlhut February 07, 2019

Hi Ellen, I watch you almost every day, I just wanted to tell you,
“MERRY CHRISTMAS,”, I know it’s over now but I tried to do this awhile ago but it wouldn’t let me, you really know who’s the boss when you try to write or enter something and the site will not let you, anyway, all I really wanted to do is tell YOU AND YOUR PARTNER,

Marilyn GARNEAU December 28, 2018

I have always had a lot of respect for you and your ideas, but I am changing my mind, we ordered the nursery furniture line for my daughter over 8 weeks ago, just to find out it is delayed for another 6 weeks!!!!! She is due in two weeks, meaning the baby will be almost 3 months old before the furniture gets here, what is the problem???? I am disappointed to say the least, and cannot actively give this a good review. DO NOT ORDER BABY FURNITURE IT NEVER COMES IN TIME.

anne maxwell December 05, 2018

Can someone give me a number to contact customer service? My order was delivered damaged and missing one item from the gaping hole in the package. I’ve emailed them every day for the past week with no reply. The only number I can find says its unworkable. Please help.


Michael Heglar December 01, 2018

I have emailed your customer service 3 times – no response. I placed and paid for an order on November 8th, 2018 still shows as Unfulfilled. Worst customer service ever!!

Linda Pakos November 22, 2018

Yes Ellen I have been here before on all the games watched shows and tried for 12 days for last cpl or think three years. I’m just about to give up I think lol I just would love to come to meet you and love to just get away from all this headache and most diff get my mother out on a vacation. She deserves it more than any human I know maybe ppl I don’t know lol but we are having such time and don’t want nothing from ya but trip to meet ya and see the show cause there’s know possible way we will ever be able to get there or California for that matter. But anyway you could get us cpl tickets it be a blessing and just to meet ya Ellen is all. Thanks again but again this is yrs of this so probably not going to happen but one try anyway. Be kind to us lol naw love you and ur kindness tho to many.

Dallas Abshear November 21, 2018

Just wanted to write in and tell you how amazing you are. I’m a huge fan so is my mom. My dad was a huge fan to but we lost him on July 10th of this year. I’m trying to get my mom moved in with me, because I won’t leave her where she is or alone. My door has always been a open door to the kid’s in East Vancouver BC 🇨🇦. I have raised so many kids that weren’t mine, saved them from their own parents, drugs, alcohol and gangs. There was always dinner, extra bag lunch’s in the fridge. Always extra socks under the xmas tree always extra chocolate bunnies. I’d have movie nights and Brenda’s back yard boxing. Now all those kids are grown and now my 14yr old daughter (Raelyn) and my 16yr old son (Dakota) are bringing their friends home so I can do it all over again and can’t wait lol. Love one another and yourself, be kind. From one of your bigest fans. Merry Christmas 🎄

Brenda November 19, 2018

Ellen I could not find anywhere else to post this but people are impersonating you on facebook. posting contests to like , share and enter then if you do you get a lot IMS from people you don’t know saying that you won. I don’t know if you are aware of this or if you can stop it. when I see my friends do this I immediately send them an IM that they are bogus. Just thought I would share this with you. thanks. Hope this post gets to the right people.

Anita November 12, 2018

I ordered a breast cancer awareness hoodie for $49.50 instead I received a T shirt for $25.00. Unable to reach anyone after multiple attempts. Obviously I’ve been scammed

Marcellene Rowe October 23, 2018

Hello Ellen/Ellen Shop,
I am now a proud owner of approx. 15 prs. of ellen boy shorts,with 4 more prs on the way.I must admit they are quite comfy. My problem/question is why don’t you make more bras/bralettes to match the lady underwear you’re selling.I do own the 3 that were offered in the past ( multi stripe,gray,black)…. would love to buy more!!!!! Just Wondering………

ROBIN May 14, 2018

I would love to have a Be Kind to one another sweatshirt with hood, but I can’t afford it. Maybe some day my life will turn around and I will be able to buy one.

Jennifer December 23, 2017

I have been approached By one Martha Anderson of Redondo Beach telling me I won 35 thousand from your Christmas Giveaway All I have to do is send 750.00 to her for income tax purposes She is using Ellen’s page as a cover for her Bull Just trying to warn you and the show There might be other Innocent people falling for her crap Please get back to me Its Christmas coming up and this breaks my heart

Sharon Grisdale December 04, 2017

Customer service emailed me back and stated that my order should be fulfilled and shipped out on 12/20/16 and to my surprise and without even telling me, I noticed they upgraded the shipping service for my order. Kudos to the team at Ellen Shop for ensuring my order arrived before Christmas. I know my wife will be very happy and I’ll definitely be ordering from Ellen Shop again.

Richard December 20, 2016

I placed an order last Thursday 12/15/16 at 10:04am EST and as of Monday 12/19/16 at 2:42pm EST my order has still not been fulfillfilled and shipped, although I’ve already been charged for my order. The website states that most orders will be shipped within 1 business day and even the same day if the order is placed by 1pm EST. I understand that it is extremely busy at this time of year, but it seems that the Ellen Shop is woefully understaffed. I’ve called customer service 3 times and just get a recording that they are experiencing high call volumes and to leave a message. I’ve also sent an email, but so far customer service has not yet contacted me back. I’m still hopefull that my order will get shipped soon or that I will hear back from customer service, but time is running out.

Richard December 19, 2016

I can’t purchase anything I’m broke

ORietta pIsciotta November 16, 2016

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