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Ellenshop - THE OFFICIAL SHOW BOXERS - Alternative PictureEllenshop - THE OFFICIAL SHOW BOXERS - Alternative PictureEllenshop - THE OFFICIAL SHOW BOXERS - Alternative Picture
The Official Show Boxers
$20.00 ON SALE $10.80
Get Official with The Ellen Show Boxers featuring a super soft waist band a button fly. 75% Bamboo, 20% Cotton, and 5% Spandex


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Quantity: 1


Ellen Fans' images of The Official Show Boxers
Husband & his groomsmen showin off their Ellenwear Weird, I know!! It's American Ninja Warrior on tv! my hubby posing for me & Ellen Charles & Me
showing off our Ellen Undies My partner and I showing off our xmas presents! My anniversary gift to hubby a little bit crazier.  woo hoo!  super comfy! My hubby posing in his Leaving the movies, showing off my Ellen undies! My son wears the underwear under his swim trunks. jordan and chelsea watching ellen on thanksgiving! One of my High School Senior Pictures!! Ellen underwear! I wear my Ellen underwear everywhere. I need more. My wife and I Tivo your show and watch it daily. We LOVE to dance with you and are ever grateful for the joy and laughter you provide. As a matter of fact, we met dancing. We so enjoy dancing with you. We have been together for 13 yrs & married for 5 yrs. As a matter of fact, both of us surprised each other with Ellen underwear for our anniversary!We have 3 grown children,  the oldest of whom is currently serving in the army. I am retired and my wife, Bo left corporate a few yrs ago to run her own business. Last year she was forced to shut it down. Now we are living on my retirement of $1000 a month. We're down, but we're not out. It's difficult to realize that your retirement doesn't bring more relief from stress about money. We manage to make our dollar stretch by cutting as much out as possible without ending up hermits. We know how precious life is as we have both lost our fathers in the last 4 years. We can't help our mothers or our kids like we would like to, but we do our best. You help us to appreciate it even more and we admire everything you do and the help you give to others. My wife even started playing WeTopia as its a way to give back, even with our limited resources! Thanks for telling us about it! Recently  I started having health issues and we can't afford to go to the Dr. as our insurance is so limited. Scary times, that make us want to fill our bucket list and really enjoy each other. Top on our bucket list is being at the 12 days with you Ellen. A little relief in this stressful time and a dream come true for us. Maybe this would give us enough relief that we could take the time to write the